Church Charity

Beeston Methodist Church has chosen to support 2 charities, Embrace the Middle East and LIV Village, South Africa for the year September 2016 to August 2017.
Embrace the Middle East is a Christian relief and development charity working in Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria. The first specific project is the Princess Basma Centre, East Jerusalem with its rehabilitation outreach programme for children with disabilities and the aim is to raise £ 2,851 to cover the costs of medical consumables, assessment equipment, portable equipment for visits, and educational leaflets and brochures.
As the first target of £2,851 has been raised, Su McClellan came to the morning service on February 19th to receive a cheque for £2,851. She explained the various ways in which the money will be used to support the work of the Princess Basma Centre. Following Su’s advice we shall continue to support the Princess Basma Centre with the share of our fundraising allocated to Embrace the Middle East.
In July £5,500 was sent to LIV Village.

2017-02-19 11.57.32
Su, on the far left, is with Tony Beardsall, Mary and Gordon Higgins and Maureen Beardsall.
LIV Village, South Africa was  founded by Tich Smith to provide a family environment and education for orphaned and vulnerable children. They should grow up with moral values and life skills to be a generation that will influence positive change within South Africa, Africa and the world.
The total raised by July 28th was £13998.02

Coffee Mornings                                           £2888.67
Coffee Bar                                                    £1207.28
Fine Dining                                                    £246.00
ebay                                                             £4012.95
Events                                                          £2201.00
Event refreshments                                         £593.01
Wishing Well                                                  £77.00
Other                                                            £1355.88
Donations                                                    £1314.20
Money Jars                                                  £102.03