What do Christians believe?

Christians believe there is one God, the creator and sustainer of all things.
God is known to us in three ways – as the Father, the Son who is incarnate in Jesus,
and the Holy Spirit, who is present to help guide our lives on earth.

Christianity is based on the teachings of Jesus, who preached that God, whom he called ‘Abba’ (Father),
is merciful and full of love for humankind. He urged us to love and care for one another,
especially our neighbours, and trust in God in everything.

The Bible, the Christian holy book, is in two parts. The Jewish scriptures form the Old Testament.
The New Testament includes four accounts of Jesus by different writers and they are called the gospels.
The early spread of faith is described, plus letters written by Paul and other early Christian Leaders.

Christian services may include prayers, readings from the Bible, the singing of psalms and hymns, a sermon
where a minister or other qualified person talks about the scriptures. The Lord’s Prayer, taught by Jesus to his disciples,
is often used. Christians are encouraged to pray daily. The central act of worship is Holy Communion,
which involves sharing bread and wine in memory of Jesus’ last supper with his disciples.