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If you've got a new baby you may well be thinking about having him or her baptised.  But how do you go about it?   What does baptism mean?  Is it the same as a christening, or blessing – and is a naming ceremony just as good?  What about your friends who say you should wait and let your child decide when they grow up? Do you need Godparents – and how many? What about getting baptised as an adult?


If you think baptism could be the next step for you or your child, get in touch with us.  Here in the Methodist Church we know a thing or two about baptism.  We can tell you why it is important and how you go about making arrangements.

Our friendly minister will be delighted to come and see you for a private chat at a time to suit you.  It’s completely free and there is no obligation. For this or more information, please contact our minister.

General information about baptisms in a Methodist church can be found at