A warm welcome to anyone who is visiting our website for the first time, and those who are returning to us. Regrettably, during this time with the Coronavirus about, we are following the government’s advice and suspending activities on the church premises, including gathering together for our weekly worship from this week, 16th March 2020, onwards until the government advice states that we are clear of anyone being infected by this virus. Our prayers and thoughts are with you all as we come through this together. Although being isolated may seem that we are apart, people to speak to are at the end of the telephone.

Although we cannot gather together for our weekly services, we can still worship together and Rev Alistair Jones will be putting a recorded service (or Podcast) on to the website, so please join us virtually for worship.

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RSS Walking through the Psalms when you can’t leave the house

  • Continuing onward April 3, 2020
    Continuing onwardFor this week, I thought that we could look at Psalm 30.  The heading for this psalm is a little ambiguous, because it is literally 'A dedication song for the house'.  While it is tempting to suggest that this was used at the opening of the Temple for worship during either Solomon's reign (approximately […]
    Ali the Helering
  • To begin at the beginning March 26, 2020
    To begin at the beginning…During this time of crisis it occurred to me that it might be of interest to continue the Bible studies I had been leading during Lent.  These focussed on the historical context of some of the Psalms, and how this can help our understanding and appreciation of them.You will need a […]
    Ali the Helering