BMC Mission Possible

BMC Mission Possible Fundraising – An Update

The total amount raised so far for BMC Mission Possible is approximately £160 818 plus £8240 for the organ.

Diane Wilson is thrilled at the support she has received for her sponsored swim in November. In total she raised £580 for BMC Mission Possible. Well done and thank you Diane.

The Harlequin Autumn Concert took place at BMC at 7.30 pm on Saturday November 19th. A good time was had by all and £536.50 was raised for BMC Mission Possible. The music was great and Doreen’s cakes were delicious!

Mary Teale sold bags and scarves during the church coffee morning held on Saturday, November 26th; the amount raised was £90.

The William Booth Memorial Halls Band Christmas Concert on Wednesday 21st December 2022 was a great success. A large and enthusiastic audience donated £865.30 for the concert and for their refreshments. The money raised was shared equally between the Salvation Army and BMC Mission Possible.

Following the Gift Day on 29 April, when around £21,000 with gift aid was raised, and other recent events the target of £200,000 has been reached.

Our next Fundraising Events are:

  • We are thinking of offering old slates, removed from the church roof during the redevelopment and painted, for sale as decorations or household ornaments – for example, house numbers.
  • We are also thinking of inviting people to sponsor a (new) slate for £10, which is roughly what each one costs, as hundreds of new slates will be fitted as part of the redevelopment.
  • There are already ideas and plans for skilled carpenters (aka Chris Wright and Eric Walker) to make benches (for sale) from the old pews removed during the development.

Please let anyone on the fundraising team know if you are prepared to run or help with any event for BMC Mission Possible. We are looking to start up Fine Dining in 2023 and would be very grateful of offers to host a dinner party for 6, 8, 10 or as many people as you can manage.

Thank you.