Becoming a member

The Methodist Church is Britain’s fourth largest Christian denomination and part of the worldwide Methodist family of over 60 million committed members and a further 20 million adherents. As per the latest count, there are approximately 170,000 people who have made and sustained a commitment to Christian discipleship within the Methodist Church of Great Britain and are active members of a local Methodist church.

For people who attend the church regularly the Methodist Church also offers the chance to show another step of commitment by being ‘confirmed’ and ‘received into membership’. This means that there is a service in which a new member make promises – these are the same promises that are made when someone is baptised. A prayer for the work of the Holy Spirit in that person’s life is also said in both services. If you have already been confirmed in another denomination, you can be received as a Methodist member by a simple act of welcome.

Becoming a ‘member’ is a way of saying that you belong to and support your local Methodist Church and that you want to do this.
Being a member of the Methodist Church means that you can hold certain responsibilities (e.g. steward, pastoral visitor, local preacher). Only members can be on the church council or be elected to the circuit meeting, district synod or the Methodist Conference.
The promise of mutual support is one of Methodism’s strengths. When you become a member a pastoral visitor or a class leader is responsible for visiting you and offering spiritual support, encouragement and challenge.

If you are interested in becoming a member please contact our minister.

Further information is available on the Methodist Church website.