A vision that unites, excites and ignites!

The uniting of the Beeston Methodist communities into one congregation created a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to review and rethink our modern purpose.

It’s the sort of opportunity the first Methodists in Beeston had over 100 years ago when they created congregations and built churches to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the community then.

If we are to thrive and grow, many of us believed we need to embrace a more radical approach and to do things differently – to ensure and demonstrate our relevance in today’s world. Change feels scary! 

“This is a once in a lifetime chance. We have a clean sheet. If we get it right it will be amazing.” Rev Antony Oakley

In his book Five practices of fruitful congregations American Methodist bishop Robert Schnase identifies the characteristics that are common to successful churches.

Robert Schnase: Five practices of fruitful congregations

Robert Schnase: Five practices of fruitful congregations

The book can make uncomfortable reading, challenging us to radical hospitality, passionate worship, intentional faith development, risk-taking mission and service and extravagant generosity.

In Autumn 2015 a Vision Action Team was created to help facilitate the church in establishing what its vision should be.

It surveyed the congregation to find out what we felt our strengths are and how we can improve.

A series of  services were focused around these themes and house groups studied the Five practices book.

The Vision Action Team also held discussions with various community groups and leaders to better understand the present needs of Beeston.

In July 2016 a Vision development day was held  when the whole congregation was invited to join together for workshops to explore where we are heading.

Over 100 members of our congregation joined together to help develop a vision for where we think our church should be going and what it should be doing.

From the discussions and feedback on the day, a Vision Statement was developed, setting out how we feel that God is calling us to serve our local community and the wider world.

Beeston Methodist Church – Our Vision

After much careful thought, discussion and prayer, members of the Beeston Methodist Church have developed the following statement to express how we feel God is calling us to serve our local community and the wider world.

Here for You – God is calling us to

  • offer spiritual nourishment and growth to all
  • welcome and nurture everyone
  • serve those in our local community
  • be a strong voice for justice

Implementing the Vision – BMC is establishing four teams, each led by two enthusiastic and committed champions from within our congregation, to help drive forward initiatives and creative thinking within the church.